At FISKOLÍA, the finest raw materials are sourced to ensure low oxidation levels of our oil products, combined with a gentle processing method to minimise the stress on the oil to protect its natural valuable nutrients. These are the basic principles that guarantee the freshness in the production of the award-winning taste of our bottled fish oil.

The natural stability of the FISKOLÍA fish oil sustains the pleasant taste throughout the product life cycle.

The responsibly controlled herring fisheries are at the heart of developing a sustainable base for employment in the rural Icelandic fishing villages.

At FISKOLÍA we only source fish oil from herring fisheries in the pristine cold waters around Iceland. We are the first to develop a full spectrum Omega 3 fish oil from this unspoilt source, and international patents controlled by FISKOLÍA keep protecting our methods.

Why drink FISKOLÍA?

Capsules are a way of the past, and with FISKOLÍA, the method of consuming Omega 3 in a capsule is drawn back to where it all began with the FISKOLÍA products reducing digestive side effects often experienced in fish oils.

In most capsules, only half of the content is nutritious whilst the rest is gelatine with no benefits whatsoever. FISKOLÍA fish oil is a way to enjoy Omega 3 again in liquid form without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

At FISKOLíA we are committed to preserving our oceans and choose not to use plastic packaging.


The Heart: as part of a healthy lifestyle, Omega-3 may help maintain a levelled blood pressure, support correct levels of triglycerides and help manage your risk of heart disease (cardiovascular disease).

Brain development: Omega-3s play a key role in the structure and function of brain cell membranes and cell signalling.

Eyesight: DHA is a major structural fatty acid in the retina of the eye playing an important role in visual development and function throughout life. DHA is vital in the development of children’s eyesight to adolescence.

The health benefits of Omega-3 are widely considered, especially the EPA and DHA fatty acids. These Omega-3s are mainly originated from fatty fish, fish oil supplements and microalgae.

Omega-3s are the most researched supplement in the world and international studies (research) illustrate that as supplements and/or foods rich in Omega-3s are added to diet the overall health of your brain, heart, eyes and even strengthen the immune system including improved joint health can be examined.

The FISKOLÍA promise: We are committed to our planet reducing the impact of our packaging materials according to the United Nations SDG Sustainable Development Goals.

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